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Co-ownership lets you receive cash liquidity and still enjoy the use of your home

Why Sell Your Vacation Home


Receive cash liquidity

Ember pays a premium for amazing vacation homes. If you have a home that is unique to a market where people love to vacation, you can receive cash liquidity with Ember.


Remain an owner

Not ready to leave? You can keep the amount of ownership that’s right for you, from 1/8 to 3/4. Ember will bring together an owner group to purchase the remaining shares.


Enjoy turn-key living

Turn over the home-ownership hassle to Ember. Moving forward, Ember will manage all aspects of the property, leaving you to enjoy vacation-home living the way it was meant to be.

Tell us about your home

Book 15 minutes with a team member to learn more. We are here to help you cater your home ownership to your lifestyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Sell with Ember

What is Ember?

Ember is a vacation home experience company. We help buyers find their dream vacation home through co-ownership. Then we manage all the details so it’s as stress-free as possible. We purchase the home, design and furnish it, install landscaping, and then manage the property moving forward.

What about my furniture?

Ember's design team reviews each home. If the furnishings align with Ember’s aesthetic, we will purchase the furnishings from you. If not, the home will be completely decorated and furnished after closing.

How does the sales process work if I want to retain some ownership of my home?

Ember re-titles your home in the name of a property-specific LLC. Once the transaction is complete, you will own an interest in the LLC commensurate with percent of the home you chose to retain. The remainder of the home will be sold to Ember buyers. This allows you to cash in your home’s value at a premium. Plus you get to enjoy all the benefits of a fully-managed Ember home.

Why would I sell part of my house with Ember?

If you love your vacation home but feel like you aren’t using it enough or would like to reduce maintenance costs, give us a call. With Ember, you can continue enjoying your vacation home while receiving some liquidity on the sale.

How long does it take to sell the ownership interest in my house?

This depends on the market and the home. Please contact us and we can help assess timelines.

What if I want to sell my interest?

Once all of the ownership interests are sold (or 12 months after your original purchase, whichever occurs first), you can resell your interest in the property at any time. It works just like a typical real estate transaction but even more streamlined for you as the buyer, and Ember acts as your agent in listing and selling your share.

When I sell my share and pay off my loan balance, who keeps the value appreciation?

As an owner, you capture any increase in the value of your ownership interest. Neither Ember nor its financing partners retain any ownership in the home or your share. 


When you are ready to sell, you'll work with an Ember sales specialist who markets the home, similar to a whole home real estate listing. You pay a three percent commission to Ember as the listing agent and a three percent commission to the buyer’s agent when the share sale closes. There are no other closing costs (e.g., no title, appraisal, or transfer fees).