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Create memories and share life's moments. Co-ownership makes it possible.

How Ember ownership works
The modern way to own a vacation home


View our luxury second-home listings. Or tell us where you'd like to own -- and we'll use our market-leading intelligence to guarantee the smoothest path to second-home ownership.


Become an owner

We take care of the legal entity formation, bring together co-owners, coordinate escrow and closing, and manage all other sales details. At closing, you and your co-owners enjoy 100% ownership.



For the life of your ownership, we manage the property, lawn, maintenance, and repairs. We also coordinate all regulatory filings, mortgage payments, insurance, and property taxes. Congratulations, you can enjoy vacation-home living, the way it was meant to be.

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One Minute Explanations
What is co-ownership?
Who Takes Care Of The Home?
How Do Owners Share The Home Expenses?
How Do I Schedule My Time? Can I Rent It Out When I'm Not There?
Ready To Buy?
How Do I Transfer Or Sell My Ownership?
Ember Offers Two Kinds of Co-Ownership Homes
Ember Flex
  • Designate which nights to use personally and which nights to rent out
  • Swap weeks anytime with other owners
  • Owners use Ember SmartDraft to draft 6+ weeks annually per 1/8th ownership
Ember Limited
Exclusive to owners
  • Owners book 44+ nights each year per 1/8th ownership
  • Schedule up to six stays at a time
  • Book last minute or up to two years in advance
  • Every owner is guaranteed equal access during peak times and holidays

Looking for Stability?

Over the last 40 years, real estate has historically proven more stable than the stock market especially during uncertain periods of volatility and recession.

Ember makes it possible

Ember selects only the finest residences in the most desirable vacation-home destinations. Check out our markets on the West Coast, from Southern California to Utah. Ember homes are fully managed and designed to fit your lifestyle.

Make memories that last a lifetime

Vacation home living is about you, your family, and your friends. It is a time of togetherness and joy. Ember streamlines the purchase and the management of your vacation home, so you can focus on the memories.

Ember does all the work

Cleaning, yard work, leaky faucet, broken toilet, property taxes, and everything else — Ember handles it all. You will get to know your dedicated concierge personally. Your concierge will be there for you and everything you need.
Easy Scheduling

The Ember App makes scheduling seamless

Flexible scheduling from the convenience of wherever you may be in the world. Use the Ember App to schedule your visits from one day to two years in advance.

You own your home

Co-ownership means you own fee simple title in the property through an LLC. Each owner enjoys several weeks per year at their vacation home and the pride of ownership.
Ember vs. Timeshare Timeshare Ember Home
Property Quality Basic Condo
Luxury Residence
Owner's Equity No Equity
100% Equity
# of Owners 52
2 to 8
Resale Value Depreciating
Rent your unused nights? No
*With Ember Flex designated homes

Discover vacation home living

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The Smarter Way to Own a Vacation Home
Traditional Way Ember Home
Dedicated Real Estate Agent with Local Expertise
You own the real estate
Ember does the yard work, pays the bills, and cleans after you leave
Dedicated concierge for each visit, ensuring a perfect stay
Mobile app to seamlessly schedule your visits
Resale process is streamlined
Experience the joy, not the regrets
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