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Ember Co-ownership Vacation Homes

A better way to own a vacation home

Inspiring, award-winning design meets modern, turnkey ownership. Welcome to the future of second home ownership.

Own from 1/8 to 1/2 of your dream vacation home

You only use your vacation home when you’re on vacation. Why buy the whole thing? With Ember, now you can buy luxury vacation homes in portions to match your lifestyle—and pay only a fraction of the cost.

No maintenance

Forget yardwork and repairs—Ember takes care of it all

Flex Your Time

6+ weeks a year scheduled from the Ember app

Right sized for you

Choose your ownership, from 1/8 to 1/2, for a perfect fit

Real ownership

Unlike a timeshare, you own the real estate

Experience the best second homes in the world with Ember
Ember Waterfront
30A, Florida

Unlock the Ember experience

Discover seamless ownership and unforgettable vacations. Enjoy time with family and friends. Explore our innovative approach to second home ownership and find your perfect fit.

Experience the best second homes in the world with Ember
Ember Desert Sapphire
Desert Color, Utah

Explore how it works

Learn the ins and outs of Ember's unique ownership model. From co-ownership to flexible scheduling, dive into the details of how Ember makes owning a second home hassle-free.

Own with Ember

Owners love their homes. Here's why.

Our community of owners consistently shares their stories of incredible stays and exceptional service, highlighting the unforgettable experiences they've had with their homes.

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The best homes sell fast. See the latest luxury listings, inspiring second homes and buying tips.

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