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Co-own your dream vacation home for a fraction of the cost and no hassle.

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Buy Part of the House, Use It Part of the Time

You only use your vacation home when you’re on vacation. Why buy the whole thing? With Ember, now you can buy luxury vacation homes in portions—and only pay for a fraction of the cost.

1/8th Ownership Starts at 44+ Nights, Every Year

Savor exclusive access to your vacation retreat for a guaranteed 44+ nights every year with each 1/8th portion you purchase.

We’ll Sweat the Upkeep—So You Don’t Have to

Sit back and relax, we’ll take it from here. Your dedicated property concierge ensures your Ember home is in perfect condition every time you stay. It’s stress-free vacationing at its finest.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

Ready to talk about co-ownership in your vacation home? Call now to get started, or complete this form and we will call you at a later time.

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Meet the Desert Sapphire
Overlooking the awe-inspiring Desert Color lagoon, you’re just steps away from the water. And with one of the largest private pools in the community, the property offers luxurious outdoor spaces including a kitchen, deck area, theater space, fire pit, and hot tub. Experience the beauty of the desert and the comfort of home at the Desert Sapphire.
1/8 Ownership
44+ Nights Every Year
6 beds
8 baths
5304 sqft
Sleeps 24+
Live the Dream
Unlike a timeshare, Ember owners reap the benefits of true ownership. Each Ember home sits in a property specific LLC. Owners can buy and sell their ownership portions to match their budget and availability.
When you co-own a vacation home, you pay yourself to go on vacation. Real estate is known to be a smart and steady investment option.
Co-ownership offsets your costs by 87 percent. Plus, with an exclusive owner group, you don’t have to deal with the nasty nightly rental experience.
With Ember, your portion of ownership aligns with your budget and availability. Scheduling with the Ember mobile app is both flexible and equitable.
Easily buy or sell your ownership share. You can even upgrade or downgrade your property. It only takes one call and we can help you make it happen.

Looking for Stability?

Over the last 40 years, real estate has historically proven more stable than the stock market especially during uncertain periods of volatility and recession.
Vacation Home Ownership, Simplified
Browse our available properties and find the perfect vacation home for you.
Talk with an Ember advisor to get questions answered and finalize your purchase.
Schedule your first stays in as little as 24 hours and start making memories with the people you love.
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"Everything here is perfect. So happy for this investment! The kids will love coming here!""
- Stephany T.
Ember home co-owner
"Loving it here!""
- Nancy G.
Ember home co-owner
"We stayed in the home last weekend and loved it. I’ve been telling everyone to check out Ember.""
- Dan L.
Ember home co-owner
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Ember?

Ember is a vacation home experience company. We help buyers find their dream vacation home through co-ownership. Then we manage all the details so it's as stress-free as possible. We purchase the home, design and furnish it, install landscaping, and then manage the property moving forward.

What if I want to sell later?

You may resell your ownership interest at any time after the first year of ownership, at any price you choose. Ember acts as your real estate agent and ensures the home share is listed and marketed.

There are several advantages to selling through Ember. We’ve simplified the process and you can sell your share in as little as 24 hours.When your share sells, you’ll pay a three percent commission to the buyer’s agent and the listing agent (Ember). You won’t have to pay any closing costs like title fees, an appraisal fee, or a transfer fee.

Ember vacation homes appreciate in value just like other homes on the market. And after paying the standard real estate commissions, you’ll capture any appreciation in the home.

What is co-ownership?

Co-ownership means you and up to seven other co-owners share the legal ownership of the vacation home property. Each of you enjoys exclusive use of the home during scheduled stays throughout the year. A one-eighth share gives you up to 45 nights in the home.

If you're interested in more than 45 nights per year, additional time is available on a first-come, first-serve basis for an extra fee. Or you can purchase additional shares of the home.

Will I own the property?

Yes. You and your co-owners own 100 percent of the property through a property-specific LLC. Your ownership interest can be sold, willed, and placed in a buyer’s personal name, trust, or corporation.

Is Ember a timeshare?

Ember helps you buy, own, and sell beautiful second homes in your favorite vacation destinations. Most timeshares, in contrast, provide “usage rights” to use the property only, with no rights of ownership. Ember homes are owned by as few as two and not more than eight owners, providing an exclusive ownership experience in contrast to most timeshares that have up to 52 people using the property annually.

Scheduling with Ember is flexible and easy too. Just use the Ember App to schedule your stays and enjoy your vacation home because you own it.  As an owner, you capture all value appreciation should you decide to sell your share in the future. Being a vacation home owner has never been easier.

Are the homes fully furnished?

Yes. Ember homes are professionally designed and fully furnished by our interior design team. When you walk through the door, the home is turn-key ready. So you can start enjoying your vacation immediately. The home also features a complete audio-visual setup, fresh linens, and a stocked kitchen with enough dishes and cookware to host Thanksgiving dinner.

Who takes care of maintenance and repairs on the home?

Our Ember property concierge manages all the details of routine maintenance on the home. This includes landscaping, gutter cleaning, and pool maintenance just to name a few. Ember also arranges any repairs, through locally hired professionals.