Flexible scheduling.

Use the Ember App to schedule your visits from one day to two years in advance.
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The Ember App makes scheduling easy

Flexible scheduling from the convenience of wherever you may be in the world. No fixed weeks or rigid schedules.
Equitable Scheduling
How do I schedule my visits?
As an owner, you get up to 44+ nights per year at your vacation home. The Ember App makes scheduling seamless.
  • Planned Stays. Each ownership is allowed six Planned Stays at any given time. Planned Stays are booked 8 days to 24 months in advance. Stays of 2 to 7 days count as one Planned Stay, and stays of 8 to 14 days count as two Planned Stays.
  • Last-minute stays. Each ownership gets unlimited Last-minute Stays. Last-minute Stays are booked 1-7 days before arrival. Last-minute stays do not count against Planned Stays, but Last-minute Stays do count against your 44+ nights each year.
  • Holidays. Each ownership gets one holiday per year. Holidays may also include special dates, such as local events.
  • Max stay length. Owners can stay from 1 to 14 nights. If you have greater ownership stake, you are allowed more Planned Stays and can also stay a longer duration.
*44+ nights is based on a 1/8 ownership
Scheduling for 1/8 Homes
Per ownership 1/8 1/4 1/2
Planned Stays 6 12 24
Last-minute Stays No limit No limit No limit
Holidays 1 2 4
Max Stay Length 14 28 42
Annual Stay Nights 44+ 90+ 180+
Scheduling for 1/12 Homes
Per ownership 1/12 1/6 1/4
Planned Stays 4 8 12
Last-minute Stays No limit No limit No limit
Holidays 1 2 3
Max Stay Length 10 21 28
Annual Stay Nights 29+ 59+ 90+

Learn more about Ember

Book 15 minutes with a team member to learn more. We are here to answer your questions and help you find a vacation home that fits your lifestyle.

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