Get Four Free Months of Expenses When You Refer a Friend to Ember

It's Simple.

When Ember Owners refer friends and family to purchase a share in any Ember home, the referring Ember Owner will receive four free months of monthly* expenses when their friend closes on their share.
*Monthly expenses includes all Utilities, Property Taxes, Insurance, etc, but does not include any financing costs or cleaning fees.
Referral Program Frequently Asked Questions
How does the program work?

Upon closing of the referred share, the referring Ember owner will receive a one time credit equal to four months of monthly expenses in their Ember home.

Is there a limit to the amount I can receive?

No.  Ember owners can refer an unlimited number of friends and family and receive four months of expense credits for each share they purchase.

How do I qualify?

Ensure that your friend or family member mentions you as the referrer PRIOR to their depositing on their share.  We’ll notify the referring owner that they’ll be eligible for the credit once the referred share closes.

Are there any restrictions on who can get credit?

Referring owner must be an active owner at the time of referral.  The reward is applied as credits for monthly expenses of the share they owned at the time of referral.  If the referring owner owns shares in more than one Ember home, the credit will be equal to the amount of 4 months worth of expenses in the home with the highest monthly expenses.

How long do I have to wait for my reward?

The credit will be applied to the owner the month following the close of the referred share(s) .

What happens if the referred owner buys more than one share?

Awesome!  The referring owner will receive 4 months worth of expense credit for each share the referred owner purchases.

What is included in the reward credit for four months worth of monthly expenses?

The reward credit is equal to four months of expenses from one 1/8th share of the monthly dues in their Ember home - inclusive of utilities, property taxes, insurance, HOA fees, pool and yard maintenance costs, reserve fund, etc  but does not include expenses related to share financing costs and/or cleaning fees.