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Financing Available
315 East Bay Avenue
Newport Beach, CA
1/8 Ownership
44+ Nights Every Year
3.99% Financing Available
4 beds
5 baths
2632 sqft
Sleeps 10+
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Ember Limited
A Uniquely Crafted Home Reserved Exclusively for Co-Owners and their Guests
  • Owners Book 44+ nights each year per 1/8th ownership
  • Hold up to six stays booked at a time
  • Book last minute or up to two years in advance
  • Every owner is guaranteed equitable access during peak times and holidays
About this Property

Meet the Apollo: your passport to the beach life in sunny Newport Beach, California. Located on the Balboa Peninsula with world-class beaches and surfing just steps from your front door, the Apollo also offers stunning sunset and ocean views from two rooftop terraces.

Designed for bespoke modern living, this newly built seaside home has all the features and amenities needed for entertaining as well as relaxing. Outdoor spaces seamlessly transition inside with the home’s open floor plan and slideaway patio doors. You’ll love the professional-grade kitchen, luxurious ensuite bathrooms, and even a three-level elevator.

This home comes with the Ember Peak Season Guarantee, which starts the first Tuesday in June and runs for eight weeks. Each ownership share includes a guaranteed seven-night stay during peak season.

Amenities and Features
Rooms: 4
Sleeps 10+
Full: 5
Half: 0
Year Built
Lot Size
0.055 acres
Property Type
Single Family
Attached garage: 2
Interior Features
  • Sleeps 10+

  • Professional-Grade Kitchen

  • Thermador Appliance Suite

  • 4 Ensuite Bedrooms

  • 3-Level Elevator

Exterior Features
  • 2 Rooftop Terraces

  • Outdoor Beach Shower

  • 2-Car Attached Garage

Additional Features
  • Year Built: 2022

  • Pet Friendly

Local Info
  • 10 Miles of Coastline

  • Whale Watching

  • Piers and Boardwalk

  • Waterfront Ferris Wheel

  • Balboa Fun Zone Amusement Park

  • Newport Beach Film Festival

  • John Wayne Airport (SNA): 10 miles

Ember Perks
  • Dedicated Property Concierge

  • 100% Managed and Maintained

  • Professionally Designed and Furnished

  • Private, Secure Owner Storage

  • Installed 1 Gigabit Internet

Estimated Monthly Costs
Ownership (1/8)
Per month combined total expense:
$ $1,233
1/8 Ownership
44+ nights a year
*Ember owners share home operating expenses. Expenses are passed along monthly at cost - no surprise fess or hidden costs
How we priced this 1/8 share
We exquisitely furnish your home, manage all the sales, and create a delightful ownership experience for as long as you own the home.
Ember 1/8 Share:
Purchase Price
Whole Home: $4,495,000
Home Upgrades & Closing
Interior design, furnishings, inspection, & title
Ember Service Fee
Buyer aggregation, agent fees, legal, & financing
Total 1/8 Ownership
44+ nights per year
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Take a look at two similar properties in the Newport Beach, CA area: one is an Ember home, the other is an Airbnb rental.
44+ Nights Per Year
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Cleaning Service Fees
Annual Maintenance Fees**
Your Gains for real ownership
Property Tax Deduction
Capture Value Appreciation
Average Price Per Night
**Includes utilities, repairs, maintenance, HOA, Insurance, and a reserve fund.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Ember?

Ember is a vacation home experience company. We help buyers find their dream vacation home through co-ownership. Then we manage all the details so it’s as stress-free as possible. We purchase the home, design and furnish it, install landscaping, and then manage the property moving forward.

What if I want to sell later? Will an Ember home appreciate in value?

You may resell your ownership interest at any time once all eight shares of the home have been sold or it's been twelve months since your purchase. You choose the resale price. Ember acts as your selling agent and ensures your ownership interest is listed and marketed.

There are several advantages to selling through Ember. We’ve simplified the process to where owners can resell their share in as little as 24 hours. You won’t have to pay any closing costs like title fees, an appraisal fee, or a transfer fee.  When your share sells, you’ll pay a three percent (3%) commission to the buyer’s agent and a three percent (3%) commission to the listing agent (Ember).

Ember vacation homes appreciate in value just like other homes on the market. After paying the standard agent commissions, you’ll capture any appreciation in the home.

What is co-ownership?

Co-ownership means you and up to seven other co-owners share the legal ownership of a vacation home property. Each of you enjoys exclusive use of the home during scheduled stays throughout the year. A one-eighth share gives you 44+ nights each year in the home.

Will I own the property?

Yes. You and your co-owners own 100 percent of the property through a property-specific LLC. Your ownership interest can be sold, willed, and placed in a buyer’s personal name, trust, or corporation.

Is Ember a timeshare?

No.  Ember helps you buy, own, and sell beautiful second homes in your favorite vacation destinations. Most timeshares, in contrast, provide “usage rights” to use the property only, with no rights of ownership. Ember homes are owned by as few as two and not more than eight owners, providing an exclusive ownership experience in contrast to most timeshares that have up to 52 people using the property annually.

Scheduling with Ember is flexible and easy too. Just use the Ember App to schedule your stays and enjoy your vacation home because you own it.  As an owner, you capture all value appreciation should you decide to sell your share in the future. Being a vacation home owner has never been easier.

Can owners rent out the residence?

There are two types of Ember vacation homes:

  1. Ember Limited: Properties exclusively reserved for  owners and their guests.

  2. Ember Flex: Properties where owners can choose to use their time between personal use and renting it out.

Are the homes fully furnished?

Yes. Ember homes are professionally designed and fully furnished by our interior design team. When you walk through the door, the home is turn-key ready. So you can start enjoying your vacation immediately. The home also features a complete audio-visual setup, fresh linens, and a stocked kitchen with enough dishes and cookware to host Thanksgiving dinner.

Who takes care of maintenance and repairs on the home?

Each Ember home has a dedicated property concierge that manages all the details of routine maintenance on the home. This includes landscaping, gutter cleaning, and pool maintenance just to name a few. Ember also arranges any repairs, through locally hired professionals.

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