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Laguna Sands

  • $239,994
  • 1/8 ownership

211 Venado Pl, Panama City Beach, Florida

2,719Sq. Ft.

Discover a serene coastal escape just 1.5 blocks from the beach in Panama City Beach with this NEW CONSTRUCTION home. This property, expertly crafted, offers a blend of sophistication and serene beach living with the flexibility of short-term rentals. Set in the charming "Old Florida" style Laguna Beach area, this home is a sanctuary of modern luxury and peace, designed to offer uninterrupted relaxation with its dedicated beachfront that remains free from commercial development. The highlight of this retreat is its private pool and beautifully landscaped courtyard, creating a personal oasis just a short walk from the Gulf's azure waters. Inside, the home dazzles with a professionally designed interior to the Ember standard that showcases an effortless blend of elegance and comfort. The residence boasts top-notch finishes including stunning walk-in showers, sleek shiplap walls, and modern sliding barn doors. It comfortably sleeps up to 14 guests in its thoughtfully arranged spaces, which include four king bedrooms with en-suite baths, additional guest quarters with a queen bed and twin bunks, and a queen-size sleeper sofa in the expansive living area. The gourmet kitchen is a chef's dream, featuring striking tile backsplashes, pristine white quartz countertops, and high-end stainless steel appliances, including dual dishwashers and an ice-maker. Every detail in this home speaks of quality and luxury. Strategically located, the home is convenient to the scenic 30A corridor, Pier Park's shopping and dining, the new 87-acre hospital site, and the airport, making it an ideally positioned property. This Ember home includes a golf cart, bikes, and a selection of pool and beach toys—everything necessary for a fantastic vacation with friends. This community is also set to expand with the addition of three more new construction homes nearby, enhancing its appeal and the cohesive aesthetic of the neighborhood.

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About this Home

At a glance

  • Sleeps 14
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 5 full bathrooms
  • Built in 2025
  • Lot size: 0.07 acres
  • No pets allowed in this home (not even really cute ones)


Hotel-grade amenities

  • Bicycles
  • Golf cart
  • Near ocean
  • Swimming pool

    About this Home

    More features

    Exterior Features
    • 1.5 blocks to beach
    • Private Pool
    • Outdoor fire pit and gathering space
    Interior Features
    • All new construction
    • Gourmet kitchen
    • Open concept living/dining
    • Dining area and great room
    • 5 bedrooms / 5 baths
    Additional Features
    • Walk to beach
    • Sparkling private pool
    • Entertaining areas
    • Private BBQs and fire pit area
    • Dining and Shopping District
    • New Bikes and Golf Cart included

    Service Level

    Staff and services

    • Dedicated concierge to assist with property and other needs
    • Full-time property manager
    • Housekeeping service to Ember's exacting standards

    Pricing Details

    How we priced this share

    Estimated Monthly Costs
    Per month combined total expense:
    • 1/8 Ownership
    • 6+ weeks a year
    *Ember owners share home operating expenses. Expenses are passed along monthly at cost - no surprise fess or hidden costs
    Ember 1/8 Share
    Purchase Price
    Whole Home: $1,511,500
    Home Upgrades & Closing
    Interior design, furnishings, inspection, & title
    Ember Service Fee
    Buyer aggregation, agent fees, legal, & financing
    Total 1/8 Ownership
    6+ weeks a year


    211 Venado Pl, Panama City Beach, Florida

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    Local Info
    • Laguna Beach: 0.1 miles
    • Conservation Park: 3 miles
    • Pier Park Shopping: 4 miles
    • Rosemary Beach: 6 miles
    • Shipwreck Island Waterpark: 7 miles
    • Int'l Airport: 14 miles

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Ember?

    Ember is a vacation home experience company. We help buyers find their dream vacation home through co-ownership. Then we manage all the details so it’s as stress-free as possible. We purchase the home, design and furnish it, install landscaping, and then manage the property moving forward.

    Can I rent out my unused time?

    With select properties that are listed as “Ember Flex” properties, you can choose to rent out your unused nights. Learn all about how nightly rentals work in the section entitled Renting With Ember Flex.

    Is Ember a timeshare?

    No. Ember helps you buy, own, and sell beautiful second homes in your favorite vacation destinations. Most timeshares, in contrast, provide “usage rights” to use the property only, with no rights of ownership. Ember homes are owned by as few as two and not more than eight owners, providing an exclusive ownership experience in contrast to most timeshares that have up to 52 people using the property annually. 


    Scheduling with Ember is flexible and easy too. Just use the Ember App to schedule your stays and enjoy your vacation home because you own it. As an owner, you capture all value appreciation should you decide to sell your share in the future. Being a vacation home owner has never been easier.

    What is the difference between Ember Limited homes and Ember Flex homes? Which is right for me?

    There are two main differences between Ember Flex designated homes and Ember Limited designated homes: (1) Who gets to stay in the home and (2) How time in the home divvied up. 


    With Ember Limited, homes are exclusive to just their co-owners and invited guests. Scheduling is more fluid with co-owners able to hold up to six planned stays at a time. Ember Limited co-owners can book stays as long as fourteen days and from two years in advance down to the day before. 


    With Ember Flex, owners can choose to stay personally in the home AND rent out their unused nights. Owners draft 6+ weeks per year and then designate how they want to use their time. As an owner, you can swap weeks with other owners. 


    Ember Limited is ideal for people who’ve always wanted to own a vacation home to share just with friends and family, at a price that makes sense. Ember Flex is perfect for people who want to own a vacation home that they can use personally, but can also rent out the nights they don’t use to help offset costs.

    Who takes care of maintenance and repairs on the home?

    Each Ember home has a dedicated property concierge that manages all the details of routine maintenance on the home. This includes landscaping, gutter cleaning, and pool maintenance just to name a few. Ember also arranges any repairs, through locally hired professionals.

    What if I want to sell later? Will an Ember home appreciate in value?

    You may resell your ownership interest at any time once all eight shares of the home have been sold or it's been twelve months since your purchase. You choose the resale price. Ember acts as your selling agent and ensures your ownership interest is listed and marketed. 


    There are several advantages to selling through Ember. We’ve simplified the process to where owners can resell their share in as little as 24 hours. You won’t have to pay any closing costs like title fees, an appraisal fee, or a transfer fee. When your share sells, you’ll pay a three percent (3%) commission to the buyer’s agent and a three percent (3%) commission to the listing agent (Ember). 


    Ember vacation homes appreciate in value just like other homes on the market. After paying the standard agent commissions, you’ll capture any appreciation in the home.

    Can I own a share in more than one Ember home?

    Certainly. If you’re interested in enjoying more than one home in a variety of vacation destinations, we can help you create your vacation experience portfolio. Each one-eighth ownership share grants you 44+ nights per year. Your vacation stays are flexible and easy to book on our Ember app.

    What if a co-owner damages the home?

    We find that co-owners take tremendous pride in owning their Ember home. Our property concierge inspects the home after each use. Should damage beyond regular wear and tear occur, the repair costs will be billed to the owner who was using the home when the damage occurred. Each home carries comprehensive homeowner’s insurance. If damage occurs that is not the result of a specific owner and outside of the coverage of the home’s insurance, the eight owners would share those costs equally. This is, in part, why owners contribute to a reserve fund each month to cover such expenses.

    How are my co-owners selected?

    Ember carefully evaluates each potential co-owner. We require a criminal background check and a credit check to help us make a determination. Once selected, all owners agree to a common-sense owner code of conduct.

    Are the homes fully furnished?

    Yes. Ember homes are professionally designed and fully furnished by our interior design team. When you walk through the door, the home is turn-key ready. So you can start enjoying your vacation immediately. The home also features a complete audio-visual setup, fresh linens, and a stocked kitchen with enough dishes and cookware to host Thanksgiving dinner.

    What if I want more than a one-eighth share?

    Ember homes are divided into eight equal shares; however, if you would like to purchase more than one share, you can own up to all eight shares of an Ember property. Each share equates to 44+ nights in the home every year.

    Does this work like a typical real estate transaction?

    Yes. The closing process and transaction documents are similar to a typical real estate transaction, except the transaction documents for co-ownership are streamlined and closing can take place in as little as 24 hours. This means you can begin enjoying your vacation home sooner. We also partner with local real estate agents and pay full commissions to streamline the process for buyers and sellers.

    Will I own the property?

    Yes. You and your co-owners own 100 percent of the property through a property-specific LLC. Your ownership interest can be sold, willed, and placed in a buyer’s personal name, trust, or corporation.

    Can owners rent out the residence?

    There are two types of Ember vacation homes: 


    1. Ember Limited: Properties exclusively reserved for owners and their guests. 

    2. Ember Flex: Properties where owners can choose to use their time between personal use and renting it out.

    What is co-ownership?

    Co-ownership means you and up to seven other co-owners share the legal ownership of a vacation home property. Each of you enjoys exclusive use of the home during scheduled stays throughout the year. A one-eighth share gives you 44+ nights each year in the home. 

    What home insurance does Ember arrange on behalf of the co-owners of the home?

    Each home is insured with a homeowners insurance policy appropriate for the use of the home. For Ember Flex homes, the homeowners insurance includes coverage for short-term rentals.

    Will the home in my neighborhood be nightly rented?

    Ember owners respect and obey all local zoning ordinances. Only homes located in short-term rental zoning may be used for nightly rentals. If a home is not zoned for nightly rental, nightly rentals are strictly forbidden and only owners and their guests may use the home.

    Ember Market Principal

    Market Principal

    Tara Johnson


    (808) 269-3758